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Hey all,

New member here! And new bonehead for not being able to figure this out.

Bought a TRX 125 from my brother (he owed me money and gave it in trade). He said it needed a carb rebuild.

I tried to start it, would start with starting fluid (which is good), then fuel started coming out of the carb into the intake box.

So I ordered a rebuild kit, took the carb out, apart, and replaced almost all the pieces (two small brass parts for the life of me, I could not find to replace.) I think I put it back the correct way, although the parts looked pretty clean, think someone tried a rebuild before me.

Oh, thanks in advance!
Put it back in, turned gas on, tried to start it and more gas out of the intake!

Did I put the float needle in wrong? What the heck?

Anybody have any ideas?

Anyone in Michigan, north of detroit feel like helping a buddy out?:(

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It's pretty simple, but complicated. Just installing a rebuild kit is half the job. It needs to be professionally cleaned and calibrated. Almost any Honda shop can do it, many independent shops should be able to do it and if you can't find anybody close, you cold ship it to me and I can do it (for a small fee, about $30). Good luck.
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