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87 trx 250 Fourtrax Rod Knocking or Wristpin?

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I have a 1987 fourtrax 250 with a slight metal to metal knocking sound in the head when at idle. I took the head apart to check the rod but found no play in it. The wristpin also seems to be fine. There is no up , down looseness I can find that would cause the knocking. Any idea? The knocking is only heard at idle and sounds like metal to metal slapping. Like a rod knocking but not as loud or hard.Not a tapping like a cam chain more of a slapping of metal. As far as I know the engine is all stock with maybe new rings.
Thanks for any Info.
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Man I am not real sure except maybe also check valves. You did not mention that and I am not there to here it. I know of a site that I mod at that is alot more active you could check out.
Don't forget us here though. I mod on both forums. You may get some more answers there. Look me up.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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