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In a nutshell starter wire caught fire once... So when they panicked the previous owner ripped out the entire wire harness damaging everything. then proceeded to try and cannibalize a Yamaha big bear 350 from 1996 for its wire harness CDI rectifier and coil, forgetting or bypassing the alarm module entirely. so where I'm at now is; I have no factory CDI but the factory Alarm module is there... I've got the bike cranking with the start button and the light on neutral is on reverse light comes on if in reverse... I've just got no spark. I'm at a loss with what "works" been done to it (although i give the guy credit, he did a pretty decent job for a frankenbike job) I'm probably just gonna order all new components That go to the bike, but I feel like it's really close... I had a little tiny bit of spark on the spark plug earlier, but I started Over. Well either way, I'm ready for the whipping I'm gonna get on here, but remember this isn't my doing. I'm just trying to pick up the pieces. The bikes pretty clean and worth saving so I'll post some pictures.

Any and all donations welcome

Thanks for having me on the thread guys, I've been reading up for a while with you all. Thought it time to join up.

Please excuse the running sentences haha I use voice type a lot. I've found the replacement set for it, though its aftermarket, but very fairly priced. Is there a difference in performance vs oem and much more costly components? Look forward to the feedback.


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