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Hi I'm new to the forum. I registered after reaching wits end with the famous no spark on the honda 300fw. Mine is a 96. It's a frame off restoration. I have yet to get it out on the trails. It ran great last summer after the rebuild. I had it running and was in the process of adjusting the carb. Ghen it just shut off. All electrical was replaced with new non oem. Most of the parts were Wong gong. I've recently replaced all the electronics with a mixture of Rick's motorsports and db electrical. (I know nothing is better than oem) I've tested everything, based on info from this and other honda forums. including cdi, coil, stator, pickup, reg/rec. Key switch, kill switch, neutral switch. I've changed the plug and wire a few times. (Thread on style wire. Again, not oem) Last night I removed the wire harness. Inspected, cleaned and greased it. I've been through 3 cdi, 3 coils, 2 regulators, 2 kill switches, 2 stator, 3 pickups. Nothing gets spark restored. At this point I'm financially too deep into it to throw my hands up. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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