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We started racing gncc's in 2005. My boy won 2 gncc national championships in 05 and 06. Then he said he hated to travel so far . So we only race 4 or 5 a year now. But were concidering racing a full season of them this year.

If anyone needs any questions ansewered I will try to help any1 I can, We LIVE to race XC!!!

And Redracer is right once the bug bites u will get the virus. But it is very expensive. U can tear some equipment up if you ride over your head. You have to race VERY smart to finish a race to win it.

Mudd99 u have 2 races in your back yard. There very easy tracks in the south. But they are VERY VERY fast.

If any1 is considering on racing 1 they better have their quad water tested before they go,or their just wasteing their money.
41 - 48 of 48 Posts
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