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Anyone know what goes here?

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This hole was leaking gear oil so badly that when I drained it there was like a bottle cap in the case. I refilled it today and already it started dripping from this hole. I can't tell if it's threaded or not but an 8mm bolt fits it and turns snug but won't continue to thread. I looked on bike bandit but it only lists the drain bolt. If anyone has any clue it would be greatly appreciated.

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It is. I can't figure out what the hole is for but it's definitely leaking fluid bad.
Do you know what seals exactly? Are they hard to replace? I ask because I'm doing the rear bearings soon.
Yeah just a little update, after some research I've come to realize it is a seal that's broken. The brake drum has gear oil in it so I guess I'm gonna have to rip it all apart. A rear differential bearing/seal kit from say rockymountain will be what I need correct?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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