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Axle lock nut

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Put a new axle in before Lotettas, bent it the week before but was trying a dura blue 50$ lock nut my buddie gave me said he had no luck with it so i tried it made 2 laps was a little loose, re tightened has not come loose since, made a lot of laps at Lorettas and road yesterday at LoneLake and is still tight, if anyone is having trouble with the factory locknut try the DuraBlue it does work.
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I have not had problems with my 400 yet but on my 450 I had I had to order a new one and I think it was a lLSR. It was more than 50 but I bought a new axle at the same time and it was a LSR It worked well after that. Ill keep the DuraBlue product in mind its not as Exp..
The LSR is a good one its the anti fade has the brake rotor hub with it but it is $200 bucks,and i was trying to save money for Lorettas, spent about a $1000 for those 3 days, expensive weekend for a plaque.
Wow!!! Thats alot of Money! For a Weekend. But you had a Good time And that is Important.
Yes it was The LSR antifade. I dug up some receipts and I spent Ove 700 dollars on that rearend. I put new Axle and nut and Bearings in the rear. I forgot I had that much Money in that quad. I should of kept it.
it does not take long to get a pile of monet tied up in one, i have close to 13,000 in mine counting the price or the quad new.
My buddy has around 20grand on his. He has fox and walsh and flexx,asv controls. All the top bramd parts. Does not even really race nothing real big. Just loves to buy stuff for his quad.
wish i had 20 grand in mine i would be flyin!
I wish I did to. Riding his quad is like floating. It soaks up all the ruff stuff and Handle great.
suspension is 90% of what makes a quad fast. You can have a stock quad with good suspension ang spank a quad with motor work and no suspension.
My suspension is stock on my 400 and I know it. I had elka on my 450 it was nice. I have a stock set of 450r shocks for my quad that I want to send of and have reworked. They will help. Atleast you can adjust them a little more so they dont spring back in your face like the 400ex stockers.
Have GT Thunder revalve those 450 shocks, they do great work.

They also sell a rear linkage setup that improves the handling and the actions of the rear shock.
Colby at C&D racing does a great job also, i have the GT Thunder MX rear link and it made a hugh differance.
I run the XC link, you're right awesome upgrade.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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