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Well after about 10 years I'm back on a quad. Bought a 2k 400ex in decent condition for all around riding. Always rode banshee's throughout my life, Started on 2 wheels and went to a Tri-Z. Had a 250R at one point which leaned me more toward a Honda this time around. I just hope i can keep her on all fours unlike my past :D.
I still have a mild built pit bike and just wanted a quad again and the EX fit more of my older needs. Kinda been lurking around this and another Honda forum trying to catch up on whats new etc. The parts for these are dirt cheap IMO, Except for tires as usual.
Figured id drop a line and say hello, I'm in south east Iowa near both state boarders where the chickens screw the hoot owl's in a state forest to boot. Kind of a kick in the nuts as its all "horse" trails. But I'm a 1%er in the jeep world and I'm pretty sure ill have to be a 1%er again on the quad.
So far your forum is great and plan to spend some time in the search button department to try and get up to speed.
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