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i got me and my daugther a 07 trx 250 they are fun to ride tog well my wife got sick and they where left in the garage for a month or so well we got to get them out and ride them with out thinking about it i started up mine and it ran for a sec and died upon idle after that it wouldnt start i thought about it and hit me hard lol i forgot about the gas so i drained it out and got fresh gas did the same to my girls trx and hers runs great but mine on the other hand dont i know it is the carb but dont know how to clean it i mean i got a picture on how but dont know what i need to clean it and if its not a problem a lil help on how please helps i love riding with my daugther if she could ride my gsxr 600 with me riding my 1000 i would but she wont hehe :(:confused:
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