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changing oil in 05 400ex

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i feel kinda dumb for posting this but i just bought a 05 400ex and im wanting to change the oil. the resevoir doesnt have a drain plug, so when you take the drain bolt out of the motor will it flow out of the resevoir or do i have to start it for a few seconds to pump it out?

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I take it you bought the quad without asking for the owner's manual? That is dumb.

The drain for the oil tank is on the bottom left hand side of the tank. There is a strainer inside the tank attached to the lower oil line fitting. It needs to be cleaned periodically. Remove the line, then remove the fitting - wash with solvent (not gasoline). The drain bolt on the engine drains the motor sump (about 1/2 cup). Be sure to change the oil filter whenever you change the oil.

I highly recommend you buy a service manual. A cheap $30 Clymer manual is fine. It will not only tell you how to do maintenance, but it also has the pre-operational checks.
are you talking about the bolt that has the rubber bushing under it ataching the oil tank to the frame?

and for the record i did ask for the owners manual and he didnt have it. its dumb that you would assume.

also i did order a clymer, it hasnt arived.

Yep - the drain plug is the bolt that has the rubber bushing under it attaching the tank to the frame.

Sorry about being terse - but I have become very pessimistic about buying things that don't have all the factory included extras. The owner's manual & tool kit doesn't just vaporize. Those items are included because they are important and necessary. If the seller does not have them, the price I am willing to pay drops a couple of hundred dollars instantly.
its fine, it was only 1500 bucks and has nothing wrong with so i wasnt really worried about the owners manual or the tool kit. couldnt pass up that deal lol
depending on how much you payed for the manual, you can download a pdf version on for $5.
Also, I have a 2006 400ex and it had a drain plug directly on the bottom of the oil tank.
I drain mine via the tank to engine sump hose by undoing it from the motor, works for me i suppose
That being said it's only my first oil change cause the quad is only 50 hours old lol So it made sense to do it that way, on a related topic, what does everyone use, I use royal purple 10w40
i work at a motorcycle dealership and we run yamalube 10w40 in everything that goes out the door
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