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Checking in from Tampa w/Questions

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Happy 2010 everyone from FL. I was excited to find this site. I like to be outdoors on the water or in the woods as much as possible.

I'm 50 and mostly ride dirt bikes (Red of course) with my son, but would like an ATV for the late day rides - not an aggressive rider, but the sand we ride on is getting to be a lot of work on the bike.

Have an 87 TRX250X that hasn't started in years, and wasn't running too good before it died. Parts are scarce, so am looking for advice on my best bet:

-Part out the 87 and get a newer ATV.

-Rebuild the 87's engine (rest of the mechanicals were OK, but needs new plastics). Have repaired car engines, but never rebuilt car or ATV engines.

-Get the 87 a newer engine (have been looking on eBay for a couple of months, but all I see are 300's - does anyone know if a 90's 300 Foutrax engine would be compatible with the 250?)

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Welcome to the forums. The 250X and the 300EX are almost the same machine. They aren't that hard to work on. If its just needs new rings I would just do a rebuild, you can get fender on ebay some times at a good deal. The 250X is a great trail quad.
Thanks for the quick response and advice. I might just give it a try - nothing to lose I guess.
The 250X was my first atv and they are a blast on the trails. You can try looking on craigs list also for parts.
Welcome to the Family!!!
I would rebuild the 250X
Great Quad!!!
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