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clutch grabbing issue

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I recently bought a 2006 TRX450ER and after getting it home and getting to take it out in the quarry I'm noticing that when sitting at a dead stop in first gear with the clutch lever pulled in it tries to learch forward. But the adjustment seems to be ok in my opion, the clutch starts to really grab like normal at a lilttle more then half way released. I also noticed that if I'm sitting at a stop in first gear with the clutch pulled in and when it tries to learch forward, if I rev it up a little it stops trying learch forward and if i let off the gas again when it drops to idle it starts to try to move again. Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks!
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Loosen the adjustment. It is catching at idle alittle but when you rev it its slipping. You have the adjustment to tight IMO
Ill double check it, but like i said in my original post it seems like the clutch starts grabbing normal when i release the clutch lever about half way.
YOu see the link in my signature, check that forum out. There are a few guys there that maybe able to give you some more suggestions
When your at a stop and it starts to lunge let the clutch lever out about 2 or 3/16 of an inch and see if it stops. Let us know what it does
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