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Clutch tapping? WTF!

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Just replaced the clutch in my wifes quad(300ex spotrax) Now it runs great but now its tapping? Have no clue whats up??? HELP!!!!! It look all good went back together great, no probs. so why the tapping. it taps slow, then when I give it gas it taps faster.
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Just took it all back apart and see nothing wrong. what are the little springs on the back of the clutch flywheel? Can they tap?
look for a chip of metal or other material, in the bottom of the teeth of the gear on the clutch and the crankshaft pinnion, or a chipped, broken or deformed tooth on either gear
none, it looks new NO broken teeth.
Spin the transmission shaft without the clutch on it to see if it turns freely and smoothly
Leave the clutch off - put the cover on the motor - start the motor and see if the tapping is gone
I got it all back together, I think it might be the little springs on the back of the clutch. there's 1 that's wiggles back a forth and it sounds like the noise I hear. when it heats up the noise goes away.
I've never heard of the cush drive springs in the clutch making noise. In most of the clutches that have those springs they are loose and move a bit, but centrifugal force keeps them from moving when the engine is running.

Since the noise goes away when it gets warm, it is most likely just normal air cooled motor noise.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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