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coil, cdi, msd kit??

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are these mods even worth it? going on a 400ex with a full system yosh exhaust, jetted, and mod air box. just wanted some input before i commit to anything..
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It all depends on your ridding. Race, trail, desert, ect
a mix of trail, dune, overall go fast riding.
Better spark is always a plus!
The CDI box will change your timing curve alittle. It will also give you higher govenor. SOmewhere around 1000more RPM.
What Tom said ^^^^^
thats what im thinking. after doing some research, I dont think the msd enhancer kit is going to be beneficial to me quite yet. however, does anyone have a suggestion on a different ignition box??
I don't use one. I am unsure of a good product. I know of big gun. I have seen it in motosport.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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