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I just upgraded my '04 Rancher 350 to disc brakes, front and rear. They work a LOT better and I'm pretty happy so far with the Super ATV kit (yes, I realize that most of their stuff is cheap Chinese junk). But the rear is still cable actuated and I would like to upgrade it to foot actuated hydraulic, while retaining the hand operated cable for a parking brake. The caliper has hydraulic capability and somebody mentioned doing that in the Super ATV reviews, so I'm guessing it's probably not THAT difficult. In theory, I should only need a line and a master cylinder that is compatible with the existing foot brake lever.

My question is, has anyone here done that? If so, what rear master cylinder and line did you use? I'm a pretty good fabricator, but I wasn't gonna re-invent the wheel if there are some off the shelf parts that make it a simple modification.

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