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Desert Not Dune Riding questions

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Hi all, from Kansas and I'm looking for suggestions for desert trail riding that I won't have to go all the way to Nevada or Cali for. I've got a 450 sport quad and have freqeunted wooded trails, mountain trails, and of course the dunes which have some trails. What I've been searching for but not been able to find is a close by desert trail system that would possibley mimic something like the baja in that I'm looking for long open trails that go for miles that I could potential stay in 5th for decent amount of time. I was hoping being in Kansas maybe there is something in one or all of the following states that I am simply not finding: Oklahoma (not wyanoka dunes), Texas, New Mexico, and while I'm guessing Arizona might be my best bet without going to utah, nevad or cali, I was also hoping to avoid traveling through mountains as that will slow down travel time and increase gas usuage, especially hauling a trailer and I'm wanting to maximize ride time, minimize travel time.

I just really think it'd be cool to ride out several miles maybe camp out, a day or so and ride back, if there even is anything like that out there.

Thanks in advance!
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