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Who would take a Sawzsall to the body of a perfectly good 4-door Jeep? Better yet, who would then keep cutting all the way through the frame of this perfectly good jeep? We would and actually, we've got a few industry friends that can't wait to get their hands on our vehicle as well.

We've teamed up with JP magazine, Off Road Evolution, Turn Key Engine Supply and a bunch of other great sponsors to build one of the meanest support rigs that the off road communities have ever seen. Its called RESQ1 and right now the build is in total overhaul mode. There is just THREE SHORT WEEKS until it's scheduled unvailing at Easter Jeep Safari 2013.

You've got to check this out!
Click on the concept image below to watch the entire build unfold. Enter your email to be notified of new updates and find out where RESQ1 can be seen in 2013.

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