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Do we have any duners?

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What size are the razr2 on the rear of your quad? they look big.
They are 20x11x9, fronts are 21s
I run ITP MXR6 20fr and 18 rr. I have IRAZR for the trail 20rr and reg RAZR 22fr for trail rides. Love them. So how do you like the RAZR2?
Best damn tire I have ever used. Next I think I'm gonna try some hoosiers.

They are going to release some that look just like the Razrs
I like my tires. But when I get new ones Im gonna buy the reg razr for rear. They are cheap and I hate blowing and Expensive tire. I also have 20 mud lights for mine only used once in the winter. They are awesome. Make that 400 really dig in the snow.
I bet, I've never tried to ride in any deep snow. When it snows here, we get feet.
I was born in Col Springs. My dad is retired Military and he was stationed at Fort Carson and they have shown me pics of the Beautiful state of Colorado. You are very lucky to live in such a nice place. And you do get alot of SNOWWWWWWWW!!
Yeah but the summers are worth it. We have not even had a total of 25 days in the 90s, all 80s almost. Plus we get views like this...

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That is Amazing! BEAUTIFUL!!! The view and the quad. My brother also worked for Haliburton in Fruda CO. He quit and joined the military. What ever. He showed me alot of pics, I hope I can go there on day again.
If you make it out this way, I would be more than happy to show you around!
there are some nice local dunes here. go on youtube and type in Albany Sand Dunes. there are a good bit of videos. im planning on going this weekend so ill take some pics and vids of the pretty nice spots.
I would love to ride the dunes.
well, im leaving for the dunes in a few minutes. its a little chilly, but not unbearable. we have a good little crowd going so it should be a blast. ill have some pics posted up later.
Heck ya I want to see some pics. You all have fun
well, we had a great time sunday and had a crowd of like 10 or so but between prepping the 400 and getting other things ready to go i forgot to change the batteries in my camera. doh! no biggie. most of the awesome spots and mini track were under water so hopefully they wont be that bad this sunday. its super nice living 25 mins or so away.
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