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Got to go to Enoree OHV on Sunday..

Pretty nice place to ride, they have 14+ miles of trails. little bit of sand and clay, a few places with rocks but not much.. They don't have any big hills to ride, however there is some elevation changes on the trails across the street from the parking lot..

The trails are well maintained and are well marked. They have one trail that has two way traffic and it's marked well. It is like the connector road for all the "one way" trails. The one way trails make it nice, don't have to worry about someone coming around the corner on you.

I wouldn't call it a great place to train for hare-scrambles but it is a "fun" place to do some trail riding, and knock the cob webs off the quads. I talked with some of the bike riders and there only complaint was the trails were to wide. There werent any trails tight enough for them to train on.

Entree fee is only $5 pr rider, on the weekend there is an attendant at the sign in if you have any questions, the parking is great, not a lot of shade in the parking lot so bring the "quick shade" pop-ups.
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