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Went riding with the family at The New Lost Trails in Dunmore, PA yesterday. It was my first real trail outing with the 400EX. I learned a couple things throughout the course of the day.
#1: Riding a sport bike on the trails is a lot different than riding a utility quad. I'm a little more sore today than usual after riding my Polaris(old utility quad without power steering) or the Can Am(new utility quad with power steering).
#2: It's harder to shift with riding boots on(Alpinestar Scouts).
#3: Half way through the day, I noticed a lot of squeaking from the front end while riding.

So... Today, after washing the mud off, I spent the last 2 hours greasing the upper and lower shock bushings and A-arm bushings. I also adjusted the shift lever up 1 spline. I learned a couple of things today as well...
#1: You have to remove the front bumper to remove the front upper A-arm bolt.
#2: 1 spline moves the shift lever quite a bit.
#3: The front end on this bike hasn't been greased in a long time, if at all.

All in all, it was a good day, and I only stalled the bike a few times, and only got stuck to where I had to get off the bike a couple of times. The machines got nice and muddy. I didn't realize how stiff the front end was until after I got done greasing it today, and how much easier it was to compress the front suspension by pushing it down.


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