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Fan/ICM testing?

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My friend has a 08 450ER and the Lights,Fan, and the Coolant Temp indicator do not work. We have the Service manual and have done all the proper tests for shorts,continuity and trouble shooting within the electrical system and have determined that it may be the Fan/ICM.
Is there any way to test this either at home or at a honda Repair shop?
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Does it give any pin point test using a malti meter?
unfortunately no. I wish i could since a new F/ICM is a min of $260 new. That is the lowest price that i have been able to find.
Now that i look more closely, i now don't believe this to be a ICm problem.

Again, Lights, Fan, and Coolant light do NOT work. i am gonna work on it some more today to hopefully solve these problems. Any Suggestions?

I highlighted the Black wire since this is the common wire shared by all effected components.
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I wonder if you have a bad wire or poor connection.
its gotta be. At first i thought it might be because the tail light is broken but there is no way for it to cause the minor problems that it does have since the connection is not in series with the headlights. The Neutral light works so i know the black wire is connected to it. I guess i just need to dig further into the wiring harness to find out.
Check the ground wire.
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