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I recently had another post on here about 2 weeks ago asking for help with my 05 TRX450 with an MX 41mm FCR installed on it. So this is what I figured out.

So my Symptoms were:

High Idle hanging Idle and then would idle lower and lower till it died for about 15 Seconds.

Very Sluggish on Acceleration would not pull hard like a 450 Should, but still had good Top speed.

Super Hard To Start when it was cold.

I knew my Valves were Worn Out so I decided to just go ahead to Replace Them and GLAD I DID.

So My valves I was not even able to fit a .0015 Feeler Gauge into them!

So I pulled the Head, bought some New Valves and compared the new ones to the Old ones and the Seat of the Valves were RAZOR SHARP that's how Worn out they were "Valve Seats Were Fine" I then installed my new Valves "Also Ported & Polished the head while I was in there took 10 Hours!" So I put it back together set my Valves at .006 Intake / .011 Exhaust. Then took it for a Ride and it pulled so hard now that When I was riding I hit a small hill and jumped it and when the rear tires grabbed again it about flipped my ass backwards "unintentional Wheelie That I wasn't ready for lol.

Anyways I wanted to let Everyone know if they are having this Issue with Not being able to idle at all or High Hanging Idles no matter what jetting you have CHECK YOUR INTAKE VALVES. :)
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