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front bumper

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Are the front bumpers of a 300ex and 400ex interchangable... wondering if everything bolts right up
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II have never tried it. They do look very similar. I would try it if I had one.
Yea my buddy has a 300 ima try and see if his fits. He wants to order one he seen for a 400
Trial and error will show you the best results. And if its a free check. Why not!
Yea I tried and not a direct fit.... the 400 front bummpers top two mounting brackets are farther apart then the 300... maybe you can make it work with some modification
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Thanks for the info. I will atleast be able to tell people it will not work.
Yea its beat that it don't but I mean if you really wanted I guess you could make it work
Try ebay you can find them there cheap.
300ex and 400ex not same but can be used with longer studs and spacers. However the 400ex and 450r bumpers bolt right up!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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