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Fuel Filter

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Is this filter supposed to be in line between the gas tank and carb on a 2002 250ex??


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It is an accessory filter. The factory installed 2 fuel filters: the first one is on the petcock inside the gas tank - the second one is inside the fuel hose nipple on the carb. It will not hurt anything being there.
Having a little trouble with fuel delivery. Almost got stuck out on a ride. pulled seat off and saw this type of inline filter was dry. I ended up blowing in the vent hose to push some fuel through the line. This inline filter didn't have any blockage. I wonder if the petcock screen may be clogged. Is it serviceable??
It is serviceable and replaceable, but I will bet the non replaceable disc seal inside the petcock has been damaged by alcohol in the fuel. Take the petcock off the tank and check the filter, but if the filter is clean you will need to replace the petcock.
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Now that I think about it, bike isn't in front of me right now. I think the valve has a big black knob vs a standard aluminum lever to switch the fuel on and off. So should I look at getting this one instead??

1997 2014 Honda Recon TRX 250 250ES 250D ATV Fuel Tank Petcock Valve with O Ring | eBay
That is the correct style - insert a #1 phillips screwdriver down the center of the black knob to remove the screw that holds it to the shaft of the petcock
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Thanks. I bought one ahead of time. The quad is at my vacation home 4hrs away and the only place to get parts is a local Honda dealership that doesn't stock much and pounds you in the ass on the prices. Even if it's not the problem, I'm sure I'll need to replace it at one point or another.
It was the petcock. Installed new one along with new line from the petcock to the carb. Fuel line was all hard and looked like it was going to crack.

Thanks for the help.
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