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Gas leaking from carb drain tube ??

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Hey i just removed my air filter housing and cleaned it out, after i replaced it i went to start the bike and when i turned the gas line "on" a puddle of gas started leaking from the under side of the carb from a tube that connected to nothing, does the carb usually have a drain tube or is it supposed to hook to the little brass screw under the carb ... anyone let me know thanks email is [email protected] asap is better i wanna start the sucker up and tune it up this week
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Sounds like the float is stuck open. You may need to clean the carb itself. Welcome to the forums.
Mud threw you in the right direction.
Welcome to theh Family!
leaking gas

The carb on my 99 400 EX is doing the same thing so I rebuilt it and replaced the needle valve, the float appears to be in tact, the rebuild kit did not include a new seat assembly. The local Honda shop thinks the carb might have to be replaced but I'm not ready to due that yet(It runs just fine)
Giving it a good cleaning does the trick most of the time. Welcome to the forums.
I did, it didn't!
Each time I have that problem, it's a float that needs cleaned.
It looks clean, what exactly did you do?
I just took off the bowl (3 screws) and sprayed carb cleaner up into the lower portion of the carb. I cleaned the bottom of the bowl and made sure the floats move freely and reassembled.
Grit can get built up or can get in though the breather or float right in with the gas.

I consider it 'perpertual maintenance' in my neck of the woods . :)
yea i did all that with rebuild, can't be to clean when it comes this. Manual says to replace float(on order) if it drops out of specs, so I'll try that.
My carb was rebuilt not long ago but like I said, grit can get in and most likely it comes down the gas line. Maybe a fleck in the tank, something broke loose from the rubber fuel line, something poured in from the gas can.. who knows. That's all it was in my case.
Good luck!
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Fixed! installed new float and no more problem,(old one looked fine maybe plastic warped)
Thats good news. Glad you got it going.
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