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I am very happy owning a TRX400 EX, which has over the SHREWS name, since it is never frightens by very rough that is the way, or can that paresca siemrpe goes through, and it has given me plenty of fun times in my travels

I have tested on several grounds, com climb to the peak of Orizaba almost to 5300 meters above the sea level, here the only fault I present due to the lack of oxygen that the bike lost power but I am only letter dle obajetovo 300 of the destination.

other mountains that has risen is the Iztlazuhuatl hast to the cascada frozen 2700 meters above sea level.

Likewise acabamso returned from the adventure in the dunes of chachalacas, in the State of veracruz, where proved his power and that these models are of the most fun in that kind of terrain between sand and beaches, is step opened among the huge sand dunes more than 1500 acres of sand, where the breaks and flights with my colleague were of the most fun.

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