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My name is Rick, I live in socal. I have a few quads and my favorite quads are my 1999 and 2000 400EX. My favorite trails are in the mountains of SB county. I found this forum when performing a search for better lighting on my EX400. Im sure glad i did find it, because i was almost gonna go to wallmart and buy a couple 27 watt offroad lights and see if they would work. After reading some threads regarding this topic i found that i almost made a huge mistake. So i decided to join this forum to thank you guys for the help you never knew you gave me!

I also was in need of some carberator adjustments on my new to me 2000 400ex and the post regarding that topic will be put to use tomorrow!

Thank you for the help and its nice to know that there is a forum i can use to get further assistance as needed.

ps. get ready for some pictures in the picture section, because i take my iphone on all my riding trips.:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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