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Hi, Im new to the forum & forums in general so do forgive me in advance for noob mistakes. Names Jay, I live in a small town in Wv & Im looking for some advice on my new ATV. We recently had a city wide yardsale & to make a long story short, somebody was looking out for me & I scored a great condition 90 300 2x4 Honda fourtrax or im assuming mostly called the TRX. Ill go ahead & admit I don't know much about ATVs except ways not to ride them. I started learning on a grizzly 4x4 600 many years ago but we never did any up keep, my stepdad didn't trust us for that. I somehow fixed a XR100 Honda bike a few years ago by the chain & starter fluid but other then that, basically clueless. I do have common sense but Im a by the book type guy when it comes to keeping my equipment in top shape. I just rebuild & installed a new engine in my civic so I do have some mech knowhow.

Enough yak, moving on about The Rustabell Rabbit, yeah chessy but that's the name me & my munchkin picked. Heres what I know
1 owner, had sat for years but the owner occasionally would ride it to keep it broke & ect. Last time it was really used was a few years back when his son barrowed it or something, hit a tree & broke the front rack but just barely bent it. No plastic is broken. Starts fine, ran & has run fine other then wont idle until its hot. Guy said it sat in his garage because he has a bigger one & his son used that when they would hunt & ride but he recently had got some type of heart trouble & doc said no more ridding. He told me it just needed to be ran a bit, a new rear brake line (11-16$ on amazon) & maybe a oil change. The brakes work but are a big soggy until you WANT it to stop then it will on a dime. Parking brake part needs to be stronger. It does have interesting tires on it he kept saying were great & semi new. Small rims in front large in back so I guess stock wheels? but definitely not stock tires. Ill upload a few pics.

With all that gab, basically, I want to use it for occasion ride in the woods to go hunting or shooting. Winter ready from tires to tune up & brighter lights if at all possible. Im not really on a budget & would rather play it safe but I don't want to spend it because ive got it.
Im looking to find an easy way to clean the carb a bit while run it for the rest of the warm weather.
Oil & spark change either at the same time & recommedations on where to buy & what products..
& any over all things to look for, check or definitely change before winter use. I wont be plowing snow or anything but hunting for sure.

Somethings can be searched & I have read a lot but Ive noticed its more peoples preference & they all didn't have the 2x4. I also cannot find a real link to a manual & would rather not pay the crazy prices for one.

So that's my poorly written but pretty sure I didn't leave anything out introduction. Thanks to all in advance to responders!
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