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Hey Guys,

Great site, looking forward to exploring the site and learning a thing or two. I've currently got a 86250SX, a 250EX and an 01 400EX. The 400 is my newest project, bought it cheap because somebody let his kid ride it for hours on end and melted the top end. I sell service for a fork lift company by day and evening my partner and I are actively building an on-line used parts business. Hopes are to make a living not working for the man and enjoying what we do.

Really looking forward to getting to know some new people, networking and learning around here.

Who does everyone recommend for machine work? I'm a trail rider and just enjoy getting out so I don't need more horse power...OK that's a lie I'm too cheap to pay for it right now and just want a good reliable machine service for the 400's top end. My 400 parts bike engine smokes so I'm going to have to fix what I have.

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