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help! voltage reading on my TRX 450er

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How many volts should i be getting on my tester at the starter?
Im getting 13.7 at the battery but only have 7 at the starter.

it has a brand new starter just put on today and when i hit the ignition all it does is drag. Any ideas on whats wrong?
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check your wires, make sure they are not all corroded
thanks and i double checked it and they r clean. Any other ideas?
But the person i bought it off of put on a differen ignition switch, but i checked the voltage on it and it has 13.7 also on it
are u checking the voltage at the starter motor when pressing the starter button?
yes I have checked the battery and it is at 13.5 and when I press the button while checking the starter im only getting 7.1 volts and the starter drags bad.
im not sure. its an aftermarket switch.
i bypassed the ignition switch and went straight to starter with a good battery and it still drags.
could it be the cranking gears in the engine miss aligned??
did the bike start before you changed the starter? reason for changing the starter? new honda starter? try power the starter while its not installed to see if the starter spins good. if so, maybe engine issue?
it would only pull start if i was behind some1 pulling me off. But it runs perfect when started

I replaced the starter with a new honda starter because it sounded like it was the starter and was told that it needed a new one, but when i replaced it, the old starter worked fine when i hooked it up while not installed. it spun like it should.

i was thinking maybe the cranking gears just need 2 be realigned so the starter will catch and turn it?
i dont think there is any adjustments for the teeth. i still think you should make sure ur cables are ok and the connections are clean and not all dull looking
Have you checked the "sprag clutch" behind the fltwheel? had some issues with one on a 450 of my buddies.
Have you checked the "sprag clutch" behind the fltwheel? had some issues with one on a 450 of my buddies.
The one-way starter clutch or "sprag clutch" isn't behind the flywheel on the 450ER, it's on the other side (clutch side) of the engine on the 450ER.
should my compression not be only but 50 -60 lbs on the trx er. i checked it on the third stroke it hit 110 lbs . then starter begin to drag badly. i believe my decompressor unit is faulty . anyone have any suggestions , its why my starter drags with spark plug insalled badly wont crank even one stroke.
There are two members of this forum that I know own 450ER. Their names are.........
I will shoot them a PM to see if they have any suggestions.
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i found out that my problem is the decompressor cam..
the 08/09 450ERs has a recall on this part and that is whats wrong with mine
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