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help with getting it to start tried the regulars already

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First of all, thanks for being here guys. I've had an atc 110 3 wheeler before and finally bought something nicer but...

2001 TRX 350 ES 4x4
Looks like electrical has seen water without cap on fuse box, I've tested the circuits and everything looks good now, electrical didn't work when I got it but everything works now, switches lights starter etc.

I cleaned the carb, adjusted the valve gap replaced the spark plug (it was toast) and now I have been trying to start it for two days.

It gets spark, it gets fuel, every once in a while it will backfire. that's it. I've found there is no timing on it I also found that there is a diode missing and have ordered it, the diode goes in the fuse box, will it need that to run at all?
I also oredered a new seat for it. It is a project for me. I have the Clymer manual and even talked to a mechanic at the honda shop.. I can't find further troubleshooting steps. mechanic said may be something with the carb still.

Please tell me I do not have to check the cam.
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have you tryed adjusting the float a little higher
there is no float adjustment for this engine.
I would check the timing and find out about the missing diode. Get an actual Honda manual for it the Clymer leave out lots of info.
There is no timing for this engine either it is capacitance driven. When capacitor is fully charged it fires there is no adjustment it is also automatic. I do have a honda manual now as well in pdf. It appears the diode is so the alternator will charge when it is not starting the motor. only thing left is cams. cam timing chain is either busted or jumped.... wish me luck gotta get the nerve up to crack it open. not sure it's worth it anymore lol.:mad:
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