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My 07 trx 400 ex ad less then 50 hours overall when it was involve in a collision with a UTV,, that end up pounding into the left side nurf bar, a bend section of the nurf bar broke the stator/ flywheel casing,,,,
After aprox’ 4 to 5 weeks I have start taking it apart in order to asses the damage, I have replaced the casing, (Using the existing stator) checked for any damage to the flywheel to make sure that it as no wobble,,
I have also removed the old gas clean the carb, Verifying that the main & pilot jets are all clear including the passage ways, new spark plug (as a good spark),
Upon completing all the above and trying to start the unit (Chock on & no air filter/box) it will start for a short seconds & as I try to get the chock ½ way back with continue holding the accelerator open a bit ,,
The engine would not stay on (I have checked & re checked the pilot jet), as this issue can be caused by
The stator be damaged??? from the impact ??
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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