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Help with wheel question

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I have been looking at wheels for my 400EX and have a few places that seem to have some good prices. One has a chrome plated SS112 wheel and they will sell the set of four for $245.00 plus shipping. I like them and they are really pretty, but I am also thinking I might be better with a beadlock wheel since I have knocked a few tires off of the bead and it's a pain getting them back on. Another place has the ITP Traxlock or Trac Lock (not sure how you spell it) in the black color for $280.00 a set plus shipping for all four which seems like a really good deal compared to what I have seen them selling for elsewhere. I am not trying to sell them for them or anything. Just looking for opinions on which wheel will work and if those prices are good or I am just not aware of what these normally sell for. I am a newbie so please take it easy on me if it's a stupid question.
Thanks in advance!!
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Hi, may I also recommend 4wheelonline, I bought a great deal with them when it come to atv wheels and tires. They offered 30% off with free shipping on any ITP wheels and tires.
You could also check on, I get most of my parts through them and they usually sell for cheaper than retail pricing.
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