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Just thought id drop in and introduce myself. My name is dustin and I ride a yfz. Dontr bash me for it cause my buddy rides a 04 trx and he dosnt have acces to a computer. Even if he did he wouldnt know what to do HAHA!! I also do most of the work on his bike. These bikes are really solid machines I just prefer the yammi!! The group we ride with consist of two ltr's that are hardly ever runnin, my buddys trx that stays on the back tires 90% of thre time, my yfz and a kfx 450 that stays tore up. Soo.... Ill mostly just be looking for parts and accessories for his bike and will help out when I can. I do a lil mx racing and he is looking into it pretty hard and wants a set of rear 8 inch beadlocks in black. So if any body can help out with that shoot me a pm. Thanks for not bashing me for riding a yammi and on a honda fourm. Like I said these are solid bikes I just like the yfz better.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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