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My wife has a 93' TRX300FW Fourtrax with 400 original miles (nice and shiny, and not a scratch on it). We bought it last year to keep at our hidey-hole in the CO Rocky Mountains (Four Corners). Though this bike is in great shape it runs the worst of our three ATV's.

Our base camp is at 9,000ft, and any riding either direction puts us at 12,000-14,000 ft elev. The higher we go the worse it runs and the blacker the exhaust smoke gets. A guy can't stand riding behind her without getting a pretty good carbon monoxide buzz. Ha!

Can anyone help me get the right main jets for this bike and any other tuning/adjusting that I may need to do after I get the jets. And where do I get the jets, who from specifically?

I have been looking online for this specific TRX300 and I can find carb kits, etc. But they don't list the size of jets in the kit. blah, blah,blah!

Anyway, if I don't hurry and gets some jets and get the bike running right, it's going to be time to go back to our home in Yuma, AZ (frickin hot) and another summer will go by without getting the bike fixed.

In my owners manual it say...

0-5,000 feet use No.125 main jet
3,000-8,000 feet or higher use No.120 main jet.

We are way higher than that and never go below that. Will that No.120 jet work?

I will order what I need tonight if someone can tell me what I need and where to get it.

and..... what kind of a carb does my bike have on it anyway?

Thanks for any help!!!

Graybeard Clan
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