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High performance Honda TRX450R???

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Honda recently discontinued the production of their TRX450R racing quad for 2010 since they need to finish selling all the 2009 models. Many are predicting that Honda is working on a all new high performance 450 that will blow away the previous models. I would hope the Honda directly uses a CRF450R engine staight out of their latest dirtbike, then they would have one of the fastest production 450s. I also hope that Honda makes their 450 wider for more stability, improves suspension for a smoother ride, adds a steering stabilizer similar to the ones found on their race dirtbikes to improve handling, and adds fuel injection to give it a qick and crisp throttle response. What do you think the future TRX450R will be like?:confused:
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Sounds intersesting. From what Ive read in dirtwheels, dirtrider, etc. honda is looking at producing a 450r with fourwheel drive in or around 2013. Sounds pretty sick to me, probably my next quad
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