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How do I remove the counter bal gear on a 02 trx fm crank

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I have a bad rod on 02 450 trx fm crank. I need to remove the crank pin but the counter bal gear thats on the crank is giving me a hard time. Tryed to use a puller on it but its flexing and I dont want to brake it. Was going to put some heat to it but thought I might ask someone out there for a little advise :cool: Thanks
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yes put heat on it and some kind of lubricant.
i had the same problem with my TRX and did this and it finally gave.
Thanks for the info. I thought it might need some heat and I figured somebody out there ran across the same problem.
did that work for u?
if it didnt, then drench it with brake cleaner and let it set for about an hour and heat it again and try
Thanks it worked. Appreciate the help.
Welcome to the forums.
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