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I’m looking for new tie rods.

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Not sure on the length I need. I think the ones that are on there now are for go carts. They are much longer then stock a arms. Any help would be appreciated.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts or Ebay for used ones - part number 53521-HN1-000 for new ones, but new ones do not come with ends or lock nuts

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So now you are revealing it's a modified quad with extended A-arms? Go back the the supplier of the A-arms and order the tie rods from them.

Now that I look closely I see the tie rod is constructed with cheap Heim joints instead of ball joints. You may have to source a pipe of the right diameter and wall thickness, invest in some right and left hand taps or (this is what I would do) is get some aftermarket replacement tie rod ends, get a length of solid tool steel rod and have a machine shop cut the correct size threads onto it and install the OEM style tie rod ends.
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