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I Crashed My Quad

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I Crashed My Quad
Well the Way I Ride, some of you knew it was Inevitable.
Below are Three Videos.
First one is Slow Motion of How it Happens.
Second one is Normal Speed, and what happens after the Accident.
Third one Follows more of what happens after .

I Was Riding By Myself. I was going through a Mud HOLE Either there was a log or a rock, or A Dip but just as I was almost through it, Machine, Rolled over on my right side, as soon as I contacted the ground, I Heard A SNAP! I got up, flipped the Quad back over. I had the wind knocked out of me.

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5 broken Ribs
1 Punctured Lung
1 Broken Collar Bone
2023 Quad Riding Season is Over for ME!
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