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Hello all, and thank you for clicking :)

I have a 2001 Honda TRX 400 EX that I am in the middle of rebuilding the top end. It had a blown head gasket and pulled studs. (I took care of that with GT Thunder studs) The guy I bought it off of said it's been bored over, but didn't know by how much. He also said it has a Hot Cam installed, but didn't know which one lol. So I took a look at the cam and it does not have any identifying marks other than what looks like a small capital letter "D" on the cam sprocket flange. It does NOT say Hot Cams anywhere on it. On the opposite side of the flange, near where the bearing goes, it has a hand engraved "CHT 8" on it. It does NOT have the mechanism for the decompression like the stock cams. A google search yielding only one result, with someone asking the same question about CHT 8 but with no answers... He said it may be an older S2 Hot Cam.

Any ideas? Should I replace this cam? It looks to be in good shape. Anybody know how to measure the cam to compare the specs from Hot Cams?
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