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2000 400exb
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So i have a 2000, the story goes as such, ran ignition for years, never an issue, then suddenly no spark, i multi-metered the source of the problem to the coil, replaced coil w a chinese coil, thing ran bitchin for about 3 or 4 hours then it started popping after 10-15 mins of use from a cold start, i would get ignition pop, not a carb pop, that can be completely ruled out. Let bike cool for an hour or so to where everything is ambient temp, and same thing, 10-15 minutes into the ride the ignition prb presented itself again…..So i know chinese shit sucks but this is kinda a beater drunk night ride ranch quad that im not looking to dump hundreds into, I recently saw on ebay a chinese kit with exciter, coil, cdi, harness, ignition switch etc, anyone have experience w these kits? Will they suffice or just shit out because the electronics are shit chinese? Any help would greatly b appreciated, thanks.
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