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Kentucky rider here!!! HELLO!!!!

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Central Ky guy here! I've rode mostly utility the last 5 years or so, but I've got an '08 trx400ex under me now!!! I'm pretty tickled with it.
I've browsed the forum as a guest and there is alot of useful info..........

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08's are the business you will be happy with it. I bought mine brand new the day it hit the show room floor. It has been beat to hell, but it is true what they say... Bulletproof my friend..
where do you ride? Me and a couple buddies hit up royal atv and a place near camden,ky.
I have been to Royal. Not impressed! How is the conditions, as I have not been there in years. I was going to private tracks but most of my buddies are getting out of the sport. Where is Camden? Another great place is Land between the Lakes. Love it but might make it once a year.
I've ridden at Royal a couple of times. If they trails weren't so rutted out it would be okay.
Place we go in Camden is a private farm that is only $5 to play!!!

Its gettin that time of year!
I may need to look into this Camden........How big is it?
I may need to look into this Camden........How big is it?
bout 500 acres, its actually farmland, owner lets people ride. A few good hills on the green river, some long hillclimbs, and several trails...not bad if your relatively close
follow the gravel road, pay at the gate. zipcode. .42722....its on cartmill rd
Its the only place on the road
If you get the notion to go, send me a pm, I wouldnt mind hitting the trails again
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