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Lets see the landscape you ride

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Here are some pics taken throughout the state of Colorado:

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No, no hunting. It's not for me, I'm not opposed to it or anything, just not my flavor.

My mom and dad at one of riding spots.

The Colorado River

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Red i wanta come ride in your back yard!! looks like a blast.
Anyone is welcome! I'm always down to ride with new people.
I love that GOAT picture. Something about it made me LOL!!!
They were about 3 feet off the trail.
They let you get that close. Some of the deer aound here will let you get close like that
Yeah, they don't run off at all.
Yeah except if the animals attack, there is no one to sue! LMAO

Those pics with the goats and the ones that look really high up are 12,800ft above sea level.
Im sure some sleezy lawyer could find somebody responsible
Yeah, sue Bureau of Land Management or Mother Nature...
Red as always your picture posts are killing me.LOL I should just move out there screw it.Thanks for posting!!
Thanks, here are some more.

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Those are Beautiful sites. Lucky to live in such a beautiful area. I rarely take my camera on trail rides hard to keep up with stuff.
looks like some good fishin.
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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