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For those of you looking for your next set of truck, SUV and Jeep wheels check these out!

We were out at the Easter Jeep Safari last weekend and had a chance to demo the Kanati Mud Hog and the Level 8 ZX wheel with optional bolt-on scratch guards. If you use your truck as much as you use your ATV/UTV the scratch guards may come in handy. Check out the footage here:

For more information please visit the links below, contact your local Discount Tire or America’s Tire location or call us at 1.888.459.4080 to speak with one of our sales and technical representatives in our mail order division.

Level 8 ZX sizes and specs: Find Level 8 ZX custom wheels by size

Kanati Mud Hog sizes: Kanati Mud Hog tires listed by size

Note: You can buy the scratch guards for $64.00 per pair(2). They are not listed on the web site but they are available. Please call us at 1-888-459-4080. (PC 87264 = 17” Scratch Guard pair, PC 87263 = 16” Scratch Guard pair)
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