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Hello just wanted to share a bit of useful info

Airbox Mod:
One of the first things that should be done
Drill 7 3/4 inch holes in the lid of your air box
(Make sure that you do not drill the holes directly over the air filter)

Timing advance key:
Sparks racing ... well worth the $20. (This added 1.3hp)
Please have basic mechanical knowledge to do this..

Carb mod: boring the carb......this would be for the more advanced DIY guy
You would need a rotary tool and some paients
To bore it out. But with this done correctly you can get close to 1.5-2hp

Stock exhaust Mod:
Open up the stock muffler and drill out the spark arrestor welds
Remove the stock 7/8" tip and replace it with one that is 1-1/2"
Then tack up the spark arrestor
(If you have not netted the bike the time would be NOW)

Now this is for the guys that have 10 hours to kill and have commonsence

Porting&Polishing:. As well as decking your heads...
I can honestly say that porting will make the bike a different animal
Many may argue with this.......... but I have ported many Atv Cylinder heads
And have always had very good hp gains.

Being a machinist I know a lot about port and flow and that when the engine breathes better you have a totally different animal from a stock bike to a 500cc stroker Cannondale the increase in gains are very significant

just some Info for you guys
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