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I am working on a 2001 TRX250EX that I replaced the crankshaft, cam chain, oil pump chain, & all gaskets because the cam chain sprocket on the crank was wore. After getting it back together it will only start if I put my hand over the carb with the airbox off but then dies if I take my hand off it or sometimes it will start for a few seconds with the choke on.
I have cleaned the carb & jets & made sure I have good fuel coming to carb. I have rechecked the timing, lined up the T mark on flywheel & the 250 dot on the cam is lined up with mark on crankcase above cam, cam lobes were facing down when these were lined up. Spark is good & compression is 175. Set valve clearance at .005". Checked for sheard flywheel key. Not sure what else to check, it ran before tearing it down but had sat for about 6 months before tearing it down.
I ordered a new aftermarket carb to try it but any advice would be greatly appreciated because I'm not real confident that will fix it.
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