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need help with jetting

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I ride a 2007 400 ex.I am adding full HMF pro series exhaust, K&N air filter without air box lid, dyna f/s rev box.I ride at 800' to 1000' and generally ride in 50-90 degree weather. Just wanting to know if anyone could help me with the proper jetting and tunning on the carb.
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I have a full HMF sport series exhaust, K&N air filter and no air box lid.
I run a 190 main and a 42 pilot jet. I live in Kentucky. I believe our altitude is around 650.
if you are running dynojets, on there website it sais to run a 170 main under 3000ft. that is considering you are using their kit along with the airbox lid removed and a good exhaust system. That is their stage 2 jetting suggestions
i switched to the 450 but i'm pretty sure i was happiest with 175 in my 400

im also below 1000'

more fuel is not always the ticket, the only time i got up to 190 was dead of winter - 15c
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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