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*New and Looking to Buy!*

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New member, but I don't have a quad. Right now I'm looking at some 300ex's but I am also looking for a job so I can pay for it. As soon as I get a job I'm going to get a loan so I can go buy one. Here are a couple I'm looking at. This stuff is copied from hondaatvforums, sorry if the way it's written seems strange.

Found a 2002 Honda trx300ex about 1 hour away at Suzuki Opeleika for $1200. They are replacing parts like the back end, battery, tires, and maybe one or two other things. I didn't ask why, which I probably should have. Does this seem like a good price (it was only an estimate, once the work is completely done he will have the final) or does it seem underpriced as to where something bad might have happened to it?

Went and checked out a '03 300ex today just because my dad was going to harbor frieght near by. The guy selling it has it at a motorsports store and my dad is buddy's with the owner and so is the seller. Idk, just thought I'd throw that out there. Anyways, it looked to be in pretty good shape. I also don't see why people bitch about reverse so much, I figured it out in two seconds, it's not hard at all. Only defect plastic wise is he caught the hunting rack while loading it on a trailer and cracked the nose piece. Besides that its fine. I think he also mentioned a small tear in the seat, but I can stitch that up if I have to. Only other thing was the exhaust. Covered in rust. Do all stock exhausts do that after a while? It wasn't deep rust, just surface. Rode it around a little, stalled once in second but I may have been a little low on speed. Besides that it runs nicely! Not as much torque as my old Blaster but I was on pavement and my Blaster had a exhaust on it. Would an exhaust wake it up a tad? Or would it not be that much of a difference? Anyways I snapped a quick pic while I was there (camera phone).
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Welcome to the Forum!!! You will love a 300ex! Good reliable fun piece of equipment!
The stock exhaust will get some rust on them or it could be the mud backed on making it look like rust. The 300EX is a good Quad. I know several people that have them and have no problems. Welcome to the forums.
Ok, just wanted to make sure. I'm going to try to snag that red 300 but the job search isn't going well, at least not for an afterschool job. But plans would be 400ex a arms and swingarm (?), nerf bars, then exhaust and jet with airbox lid removal and intake.
Well I'm not 100% sure. I love trails, but i kinda want to try MX too. What suspension setup would be good for a nice mix?
If your going to run MX you need a more competitive quad.
I was thinking about just riding the track not necessarily participating in races.
are you wanting to stay with the same a arms or go wider? There is a number of things that can be done to the 300's to make them better. They make a good set of after market shocks if you want to pay the price. WE have a vender on here that can give you some good info on what you can do. WiigStyle Racing - Motorcycle & ATV Performance and Repair Shop shoot these guys a email
I was just looking at the 400ex a arms or 450 a arms but I'm not sure about anything past 50" because I still want to be able to ride trails without having to cut them 5 feet wide. I'll be sure to check them out.
Look on ebay for some shocks for the 300. Some times you can get lucky and get a good pair for a dissent price.
You mean some aftermarket shocks?
If I was looking to do upgrades, I would start with a 400ex. IMO it is a better platform and more powerful. You can find pretty good deals on them aswell!
I agree. The 400ex is a great all around quad and some easy bolt ons and you will have a awesome quad.
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There was a 400 I was looking at for $1900 but it sold earlier this week. Plus I still don't have a job. I have had no luck trying to find an afterschool job. I might be working at the Y for the summer, but I still can't land anything for right now.
The 400 will be a better by. Dont rush in and buy a 300 just because you want a quad. Keep looking and you will get the 400 at a great price. As for the job try Wal Mart McDonald's, auto parts stores, ect good luck
Try a resturant like Texas Road House. Servers make good money!
You have to be 19 I think to work at Wal Mart. Haven't tried many restaurants because most of them have bars so you have to be 18 to work there. We just got a lt450r from a friend today with the idea of just selling it to make some cash to pay for stuff, but I think my dad might want to keep it. Idk. I'm still looking around.
I guess if you guys didn't know I'm 16
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