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New and looking

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i just joined and wanted to look around. looking to get a quad for sometime now but cant decide if i want to get a honda or a yamaha. i dont know why but i really want a raptor. reason i want honda is because i already own so many other hondas. s2000, cbr600rr, accord. and generator. oh a lawn mower also. so u can see im a huge honda fan
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Welcome to the Family!
What kind of riding do you have in mind?
sand im guess. only place i plan on taking it would be pismo.

so far im gonna keep looking for 06+ 450R
i found one but it has all kinds of mods done to it. i dont really wanna buy one that as all kinds of aftermarket parts. dont know how reliable it will be
They are GREAT quads! I use to have one, 2004 kickstart. Loved it. It had mods like suspension and Houser longtravel arms. It was pretty reliable . It had a Cam and high compresion piston. Exhaust aswell. I sold it because it was a Motocross setup quad. I trasil ride alot now so all that I did not need.
I have a link in my signature. COme check out the forum. A few guys there have 450R and they can give you some more info on them.
Welcome to the forums.
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