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New by way of a great deal

I picked up this 2000 TRX350FE for $200.00 with minor issues:

Year old gas.
Back brakes not working.
Bad front wheel bearings and seals.
Digital display not working.
No fire.
Fan not working.
Electric shit not working.
No compression.
And a few other actually minor things.

Came on 27" ITP tires on black alloy wheels that look pretty nice.

Pulled the jug before buying it to find the piston and cylinder scarred. And the rings locked into the seats with the aluminum from the piston scarring. Oh and some stuff that had been taken off laying in the foot rests. So I'm thinking "parts bike". Well I found a local guy that bored the cylinder over .015 for $50.00, bought a piston, ring, pin & gasket set for $90.00 and decided to gamble on it. Got the boring done, ordered the piston set, drained and cleaned the tank, pulled the petcock and cleaned the filter, ordered an carb kit, chem dipped and rebuilt it. With a bug in my ear from my neighbor checked the control unit to find corroded terminals, cleaned them - the display and the electric shift started working. Got the piston in and put it back together and boom it started. Ran great. Little cold idle issue though. So now I know the fire issue was related to the corroded terminals as well.

Following I find out the fan wasn't working due to a broken terminal at the temp sensor and the back brakes weren't working because someone put the brake cable arm on backwards - fixed!

The seat cover was jacked up so I ordered a $25.00 ( good deal ) vinyl backed camo seat cover - changed!

Someone intending to snorkel it but only got it as far as the part that rises out of the fender - and without the p-trap on top - finished!

New filter, spark plug, oil filter and fresh Royal Purple earls in it.

So after all that I have heat wrapped the exhaust, add a rear rack basket that was given to me, changed the chrome locking lug nuts ( that I did not get a key for ) with some non-locking, but splined, black lug nuts and replaced some of the loose body push nuts.

I'm supposed to be getting a winch, new shift / start switch assmy and a couple of other things from the guy I bought it from.

I still have a couple of issues to take care of like a weak battery, more loose push nuts, broken headlight rear cover and fender bracket, installing the new front bearings I have for it, very occasional failure to shit, and a carb air / fuel ratio issue that showed up after snorkeling it.

At this point I've got the initial $220.00 + $277.00 in parts to get it running = $477.00 + $142.00 in additional stuff = $619.00!

I'd say my gamble paid off.

I love stories like this!


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